A meeting of ABA Members

2016/3/22 16:24:21

 Representatives of (ABA)All-win Business Association Visit Our Company



Today 8 members of ABA have visited our company,during our meeting,the representatives, who are also owners of their companies, gave their opinions about the future trends of e-commerce.Nowadays,the cross-border e-commerce is booming in China,the local governments including Shenzhen has issued many positive policies like zero or very low taxes to encourage more entities to increase their investment. Many new established companies are focusing on this untaped markets and taking quick action.The members has shared their experience on how to run a data platform and some skills to solve the problems which might be encountered in the aftersale service. They also gave some advices which contribute to developement of ABA.It is a fruitful meeting!

Wello is one of permanent member of ABA,as a leader of bow & bag companys in China,our main products are:all kinds of gift bows and holiday bows,giant structural bows, car bows,handmade ribbon bows, wine gift bows,chocalate bows, various gift bags such as organza wedding favor bags, cotton bags,velvet bags,jewelry bags,non woven shopping bags etc.. Most products are sold to market EU and North America.

ABA,established in 2014, is an Shenzhen oriented business association,this orgnization is aiming to help each members to grow faster together by sharing expereience in the compeitive market. Each members are from difererent fields, such as electronic consume products,home decors,umbrella,gift premium,hardware,gift packaging and hotel supplies etc.